My focus is on training videos and DIY tools. When I say DIY tools, I mean those that are affordable to the average Do-It-Yourselfer. The videos cover remodeling a forty year old home, furniture construction, and crafts. I've done a lot in marble mosaics. Projects include several floors, a fireplace and a mosaic vanity. My goal here is to produce projects that are different in their design and construction methods.  I by no means lay claim to being an expert at any of them . . . I'm not a professional!
 Budman Productions is a retirement project and gives me the opportunity to work with different materials and crafts which require learning different skill sets.
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Compressor Product Review
I purchased this compressor to use my nail guns wherever needed.  It is also a handy tool to have setting beside my bench to blow dust off work pieces.  This is priced right for the DIY'er and small individual contractor.  I am very satisfied with the performance and especially its fast charging; loading in just 30 seconds.  I give it a four star rating with only one drawback and that being that it walks around on the floor while running . . . in other words, it doesn't stay put.  Check it out in the following video.

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As a non-professional working out of one-half of my garage, the tools I use must be inexpensive and easy to use.  In some instances, I'm listing alternatives to things I purchased and are no longer available.

My Store

As a non-professional working
out of my garage, the tools I
use must be inexpensive and
 easy to use.  In some instances,
 I'm listing alternatives to things
 I have purchased and are no
 longer available.
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Rockwell VersaCut vs Dremel Saw-Max

   The Dremel wins the star ratings with a 4.5 over Rockwell's 4.0.  If we do a quick analysis and look at the percentage of five stars to one star, Rockwell comes out on top with 96% favorable to Dremel's 94%.  I guess it's what's in between the ones and fives that gives Dremel the edge with 4.5 stars.
Lets look at the tail of the tape.  (Moore)

Spray & Refinishing
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